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Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

 QS90 Smart Wristband Touch Bracelet Bluetooth4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Message Reminder IP67 Health Sports Fitness Tracker for Andriod IOS

1. Main interface
Press the touch area in the main interface to switch the dial directlyÔľĆ you can also "more" which can switch to the "dial", choose your own style dial. --¬†Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

2. Always check the number of steps walking in the dayÔľĆYou can also be synchronized to the APP in time, view and analyze the movement data. --¬†Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

3. Movement distance and calories
The equipment automatically monitors the movement of mileage, heat consumption. -- Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

4. Health monitoring
Long press to enter the heart rate, real-time monitoring, Blood pressure 
monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring. -- Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

5. A variety of motion mode monitoring
Press to enter the movement mode monitoring. -- Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

6. Sleep quality monitoring
Wearing a bracelet to sleep, it can monitor the length of sleep, deep sleep and light sleep state. According to the data, you can adjust the sleep status, improve the health index. -- Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

7. Information reminder/Push
When there is new information, the device will shake the reminder and display the message content.
The corresponding message displays the corresponding iconÔľĆthe information will retain the current 8 content.

8. Weather reminder
Connect the phone APP, the phone will be synchronized in the weather, timely view the weather temperature and weather conditions on the bracelet.

9. More Function
Incoming call, Drink a reminder, Alarm clock, Sedentary reminder, Low battery reminder, Find bracelet, Remote control camera.  

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